episode #232 – Take Offs and Landings

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A treasured tradition at myboytheriotgirl, every year we each get to program our respective birthday show, disregarding all rules and standards for playlist formatting, and just programming the show with absolute abandon.  This year, Mike’s opted to take a trip in the time-machine/closet back ten years to 2001 to re-listen to a personal favourite album.

So, along with a tracks off the newly released LPs from The Vaccines, The Antlers, Okkervil River, and EMA, you’re going to hear three tracks off of Rilo Kiley‘s 2001 debut album, Take Offs and Landings. The band is now on hiatus (probably forever), but their ability to pen catchy pop songs helped launch the solo careers of Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett (aka The Elected), two of our favourite artists.

Mike dedicates this show to Rory, the first person to recommend the band to him: “You were right, buddy!”

  1. The Vaccines – If You Wanna (What Did You Expect From the Vaccines)
  2. The Arcade Fire – Month of May (The Suburbs)
  3. Metric – Black Sheep (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World)
  4. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Higher Than The Stars (Higher Than The Stars EP)
  5. Rilo Kiley – Go Ahead (Take Offs and Landings)
  6. Okkervil River – The Valley (I Am Very Far)
  7. The Antlers – No Widows (Burst Apart)
  8. Thao & Mirah – Folks (Thao & Mirah)
  9. Rilo Kiley – Plane Crash in C (Take Offs and Landings)
  10. Saturday Looks Good To Me – Make A Plan (Fill Up The Room)
  11. EMA – California (Past Life Martyed Saints)
  12. Jenn Grant – Parliament Of Owls (Honeymoon Punch)
  13. Rilo Kiley – Salute My Shorts (Take Offs and Landings)
  14. Andrew Bird – The Happy Birthday Song (Andrew Bird & The Mysterious Production Of Eggs)


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