episode #233

Thanks to the weather gods (Thor, is that you?) a potentially washed out long-weekend ended up being super, and I think we all need a few days to recover.  As such, we’ve tried to load this week’s show up with some mellower music, while still sustaining a bit of that pre-summer momentum.

Things start off with a brand new track from the Junior Boys‘ soon-to-be-released It’s All True. After being uninspired by the first song the Boys released from the new disc, “Second Chance” is literally that, and it doesn’t disappoint.  We also hear a track from Toronto’s Digits who encroach (ever friendlily) on the Junior Boys’ turf in more ways than one: Digits will be playing the Casbah Lounge this upcoming Saturday, and the Junior Boys will be launching their tour June 8th at Leander Boat Club.

We round things out with some new material from Canadians Zeus, the Sam Roberts Band, Chad VanGaalen, and Snowblink, and cap it all off with a great 2003 cover of the Velvet Underground by Keren Ann and Barði Jóhannsson (aka Lady & Bird).

  1. Junior Boys – Second Chance (It’s All True)
  2. Austra – Beat and the Pulse (Feel It Break)
  3. The Field – Over The Ice (From Here We Go Sublime)
  4. Digits – Lost Dream (Lost Dream)
  5. Sam Roberts Band – The Last Crusade (Collider)
  6. Zeus – permanent scar (Permanent Scar / The Darkness 7″ Series Vol. II)
  7. Tune-Yards – You Yes You (W H O K I L L)
  8. Tortoise And Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – The Calvary Cross (The Brave And The Bold)
  9. The Grates – Sukkafish (Gravity Won’t Get You High)
  10. Chad VanGaalen – Burning Photographs (Diaper Island)
  11. Snowblink – Ambergris (Long Live)
  12. Camera Obscura – Houseboat (Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi)
  13. Lady & Bird – Stephanie Says (Lady & Bird)
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