episode #249

This week myboytheriotgirl is positively brimming with new releases from Canadians, including Elliott BROOD, Christine Fellows, Kelowna’s Yukon Blonde and the captivating Emm Gryner. Also, a new song from Montreal’s Coeur de Pirate, who will be releasing her latest, Blonde, on November 7th.

Mike’s been waiting a while now for the sophomore album from Real Estate, and Days doesn’t disappoint and has been getting positive reviews.  We get to a quick track from it, along with a song by fellow New Jersey natives Ducktails (the cute video for “Hamilton Road” will make you crack a smile–thanks to Soundcheck for posting it!). Also imported from the US of A is the lead track from Wilco’s latest, The Whole Love.

We round things out with some dreamy noise pop from Sleigh Bells, Colleen Green, and M83, who just formally released Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, and it is awesome. There’s no new episode next week in advance of November 2nd’s 250th Podcast, but stay tuned for a blast-from-the-past from our archives, and keep sending in requests for the big two-five-oh!

  1. Elliott BROOD – If I Get Old (Days Into Years)
  2. Christine Fellows – Mlle-Steno (Femmes De Chez Nous)
  3. Real Estate – Wonder Years (Days)
  4. Ducktails – Hamilton Road (Ducktails III)
  5. Slow Club – Never Look Back (Paradise)
  6. Wilco – Art of Almost (The Whole Love)
  7. Emm Gryner – Ciao Monday (Northern Gospel)
  8. Coeur de Pirate – Adieu (Blonde )
  9. Handsome Furs – The Radio’s Hot Sun (Plague Park)
  10. Yukon Blonde – Fire (FIRE//WATER)
  11. Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill (Treats)
  12. Colleen Green – Dance the Night Away (4 Loko 2 Kayla)
  13. M83 – Reunion (Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming)
  14. The Antlers – I Don’t Want Love (Burst Apart)
  15. Junior Boys – Itchy Fingers (It’s All True)
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