Impossible Spaces

According to his website, Sandro Perri’s latest release “is a collision of new compositional ideas, electronics, singing, and extensive studio processing beyond the scope of any of his previous efforts.”  Released last month on Constellation, Impossible Spaces has been collecting accolades from all corners.  Pitchfork rated the album 8.3, and named the opening track, Chances, as one it’s Best New Tracks.  OneThirtyBPM gave it a (strangely) similar 82%.

Yesterday as I was driving to work, listening to CBC Radio 3, Vish Khanna was talking about the Breakfast Club session he had with Perri last week.  After again expressing how much he loved the album, he excitedly noted that he was going to see Sandro in Guelph on Thursday, and then mentioned the two shows at Tranzac, in Toronto, this weekend.  What he failed to mention, and I made sure I told the radio so, is that Sandro Perri is playing our lovely city of Hamilton this Friday night, as part of Art Crawl.  From the promoters:

The New Harbours 2011 series wraps up with a killer double bill – beautiful avant pop from SANDRO PERRI and cosmic synthscapes from STEVE HAUSCHILDT of EMERALDS fame ~~~ Both are celebrating the release of new albums – Sandro’s “Impossible Spaces” on Constellation and Steve’s “Tragedy and Geometry” on Kranky

The show takes place at Christ Church Cathedral, 252 James Street North.

Impossible Spaces is becoming a go-to album around these parts: it is relaxing without being boring, and I wouldn’t be shocked if it makes it onto many ‘Best of 2011’ lists, including ours.  So check out the album, check out the show(s) and if you’re looking for a quick Sandro Perri fix, check out the video below.

sandro perri · love and light from Pedro Maia on Vimeo.

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