#262 – leap day

This might be the only Leap Day episode we’ll ever get, so it’s go big or go home, one week before the CFMU Fundraiser.

Megan did a blog-scour this week and happened across a bunch of rare-enough’s for a rare-enough February 29th, including Royal Wood injecting some slight winter light into a classic Sam Roberts summer song, and a new track from the upcoming Santigold album. It’s her first LP since her self-titled debut, released last leap year.

We also hear a one-off track Real Estate has done for a Record Store Day release, and brand new music from Great Lake Swimmers, Of Montreal, and Spiritualized.  Here’s a leap day rarity: deciding to lead the new album, Sweet Heart Sweet Light, with a cover light that one (above), and a raucous two-part song like this one.

Like we said, the fundraiser is upon us, so please support community radio by donating to 93.3 CFMU’s Raise Your Voice campaign. We’re trying to raise $21,000 to fund independent, community programming in Hamilton. A toonie, a twenty–any contribution counts and can donate through our webpage (the “Donate” button is over on the right —>), or by visiting CFMU’s website.

As always, thanks for listening to myboytheriotgirl, and thanks for supporting community radio in Hamilton!

  1. Royal Wood – Don’t Walk Away Eileen (Covers EP)
  2. Rhye – Open (Open EP)
  3. Andrew Sisk – Pause (Treelines)
  4. Regina Spektor – all the rowboats (What We Saw)
  5. Santigold – Disparate Youth (Master of My Own Make-Believe)
  6. Great Lake Swimmers – Easy-Come-Easy-Go (New Wild Everywhere)
  7. Bahamas – Caught Me Thinking (Barchords)
  8. Tennis – My Better Self (Young And Old)
  9. Sharon Van Etten – Warsaw (Tramp)
  10. Real Estate – In My Car (Smuggler’s Way)
  11. Women – Eyesore (Public Strain)
  12. Chains of Love – In-Between (Breaking My Heart / In Between 7″)
  13. Of Montreal – Dour Percentage (Paralytic Stalks)
  14. Spiritualized – Hey Jane (Sweet Heart Sweet Light)
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