We’re back with a new show next week, but in the meantime, here are a few links to some newly-released, unreleased, and new-ish music from south of the border. They’ve been keeping our heads boppin’ all week long:

(1) Heartless Bastards started off their nine-year career in Cincinnati, and are a band built around the distinctive vocals of Erika Wennerstrom. Just yesterday, the band released their fourth full length album, Arrow, and good news: it is streaming in its entirety on the NPR website for the next little while. Since a listener sent a link the other day, it hasn’t left Mike’s playlist. It is most definitely worth a listen.

(2) Brooklyn noise-pop duo Sleigh Bells are releasing their second album, Reign of Terror, next week, and the New York Times is streaming that whole album in advance of its release. The stream is attached to a pretty good profile of the band, too. You might have had your ears perked up by their first single, “Comeback Kid,” but in giving the whole LP a listen, unfortunately that was the only track that really stood out. We’re intrigued by their sound, though,  so we’ll give it a few more listens, and sample on next week’s show.

(3) Atlanta’s Bradford Cox is a busy guy. You might know him from Deerhunter, but we have to say, his work as Atlas Sound is impressing us more and more with each listen. Since his latest album, Parallax, came out in November, it has slowly dominated our listening hours, and if it had come out earlier in the year, might have even worked it’s way up to the top of our Best of 2011 list.  For now, though, enjoy this final track from the album–here’s an artist at his prime!

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