episode #272 – Summer Break!

A day late, but definitely not a dollar short!  This last episode before our summer hiatus is jam-packed with myboytheriotgirl classics, sprinkled with a few new songs and a mingling of some tracks from underplayed albums from some of our favourite artists.

What three-hour show would be complete without some New Pornographers, Sparklehorse, Spoon, Fiery Furnaces, The Elected, Electrelane, Hefner etc.?  The fact that many of the bands that we built this show on year after year are no longer making new music illustrates part of the reason for this break.  As Mike likes to say, “indie-rock is a young person’s game”.  We don’t have as much time to see late night shows, or listen to music with the attention this show requires.

We haven’t committed to never doing another show, but for now we’re taking a break.  We’re going to be focusing on community, family and weeding!  But before we do that, Mike and I wanted to leave you with a three-hour show that will hopefully find it’s way into your summer rotation.  We think it will sound as good by the lake as it will on a train or in a car or in the garden.  Enjoy!

  1. Beach House – The Hours (Bloom)
  2. TV on the Radio – Modern Romance (New Health Rock EP)
  3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (It’s Blitz!)
  4. Metric – Youth Without Youth (Synthetica)
  5. Sparklehorse – Some Sweet Day (Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain)
  6. Joel Plaskett Emergency – Time Flies (Scrappy Happiness)
  7. Thao & Mirah – Rubies and Rocks (Thao & Mirah)
  8. Jill Barber – Oh My My (Chances)
  9. Feist – The Bad In Each Other (Metals)
  10. wintersleep – In Came the Flood (Hello Hum)
  11. The New Pornographers – Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk (Together)
  12. Spoon – Nobody Gets Me But You (Transference)
  13. Andrew Bird – Desperation Breeds… (Break It Yourself)
  14. The Elected – Greetings in Braille (Me First)
  15. Ohbijou – The Dreaming (Metal Meets)
  16. Mercury Rev – Spiders and Flies (All Is Dream)
  17. Blitzen Trapper – Summer Town (Wild Mountain Nation)
  18. Laura Veirs – Make Something Good (July Flame)
  19. Cat Power – Metal Heart (Jukebox)
  20. Great Lake Swimmers – I am Part of a Large Family (Ongiara)
  21. Billy Bragg – 13 Hesitating Beauty.mp3 (And Wilco Mermaid Avenue 1998)
  22. The Fiery Furnaces – Even In The Rain (I’m Going Away)
  23. Graham Wright – Medicine Hat (The Lakes Of Alberta)
  24. Stereolab – So Is Cardboard Clouds (Not Music)
  25. Songs: Ohia – Almost Was Good Enough (Magnolia Electric Co.)
  26. Cuff The Duke – Smothered In Hugs (Guided By Voices Cover) (In Our Time EP)
  27. Le Tigre – On The Verge (This Island)
  28. Land Of Talk – Give Me Back My Heart Attack (Some Are Lakes)
  29. Controller.Controller – Watch (History)
  30. Sleater-Kinney – Oh! (One Beat)
  31. The Books – All You Need Is A Wall (The Way Out)
  32. the owls – air (Our Hopes and Dreams)
  33. Hefner – Eloping (Breaking God’s Heart)
  34. Jason Collett – Lake Superior (Rat A Tat Tat)
  35. M.I.A. – Paper Planes (Kala)
  36. Tune-Yards – You Yes You (W H O K I L L)
  37. Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins – Rise Up With Fists!!! (Rabbit Fur Coat)
  38. The Mountain Goats – 1 John 4:16 (The Life Of The World To Come)
  39. Sarah Harmer – Our Dark Clouds (Bonus Track) (Oh Little Fire)
  40. Camera Obscura – Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken (Let’s Get Out Of This Country)
  41. Parlour Steps – The Garden (Ambiguoso)
  42. Beirut – Postcards From italy (Gulag Orkestar)
  43. Electrelane – Going Out Again (The Power Out)
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