myboytheriotgirl is a weekly indie/alternative music show hosted by Megan and Mike, and is heard in the Hamilton area Wednesday overnights (2am-7am) on 93.3 CFMU, McMaster University’s community radio station.  It can also be heard on-demand via our podcast, and the digital archives on CFMU’s webpage.

Obviously, we do not do the shows live, however we encourage listeners to keep in touch with us or make requests through this website, or by emailing us at:  megan@myboytheriotgirl.com or michael@myboytheriotgirl.com.

myboytheriotgirl‘s format is fairly open and loosely adheres to the show’s original description in the 2003 CFMU Program Guide: “Love songs and fight music.” Every week, we play a broad selection of tracks by independent and/or alternative pop, rock, folk, and electronic artists, with a special focus on Canadians, female artists, and those artists who still take special pride in recording ‘Albums’ in the traditional sense (something that is rarer and rarer in the age of .mp3s).

Megan began hosting myboytheriotgirl as a student in 2003, and in 2004 Mike came to McMaster and joined her on-air.

We have been (happily) collaborating ever since.

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