myboytheriotgirl Votes 2010

myboytheriotgirl loves music, but we also love politics, especially the local, democratic kind. We studied people and politics at university, and we got pretty good at researching both. We now spend our days hunting down data for dollars, but we asked ourselves, “What else can we do with brains full of book-learnin’, a passion for civics, and hardly any free time?”

We live in Ward 2, and with 20 19 candidates, it sure makes it hard to make an informed decision. Fortunately, there is a lot of free, publicly available information out there. We’d like to thank better, more organized people than us for collecting and publishing their primary research. Without their hard work, we could have never performed the proud, time-honoured academic tradition of appropriating the products of other peoples' labour, doing minimal analysis, and passing it off as our own.

So here is a handy table that includes all the information we think a Ward 2 resident/taxpayer/citizen needs to pick the right person on October 25th. Print it out and study it, give it to your dog for eating, tape it to a wall and shoot darts at it, or crumple it into a ball and throw it at the first candidate you see. All are legitimate ways of making this important decision.

And since myboytheriotgirl likes choosing favourites, in music and in politics, we’ll spend a few more days computing variables and regressing coefficients, and we'll tell you who we think is the best candidate in Ward 2.

Because the computer took almost no time at all to determine best mayoral candidate, we can safely tell you that myboytheriotgirl supports four more years for Mayor Fred Eisenberger. Small quibbles on policy aside, we believe Mayor Fred offers the strong, reasoned and consistent leadership that our city needs.

If you're a candidate and wish to add/correct any information about yourself you can email us at

No matter where you live, make sure you do your civic duty on October 25th: Vote early, vote often, and if you are so inclined, make use of the poll on this page to broadcast your support for the Ward 2 candidate of your choice.  Good luck to all the candidates, and we’ll see you on the other side!


Megan and Mike

UPDATE 25 October 2010: myboytheriotgirl has crunched the numbers and is endorsing Matt Jelly for Ward 2 Councillor. Matt has demonstrated his bona fide commitment to Ward 2 over the past few years, and through events like Bylaw Crawl and Garbage Crawl, has been no slouch in creating opportunities to affect change in our community. Among a list of candidates that is overwhelmingly old, white and male, the newest generation of candidates stand out. Though he has a lot of solid competition on the ballot, we hope that Matt Jelly will bring new energy and ideas to City Hall on behalf of Ward 2 constituents. And that's why he has our vote.


Candidate Honey, Who's at the Door? Website What do they do in 2 words? Where do they live? Notable Offices Held Ejukashun Priorities Meaningless Buzzwords/ Slogans employed Accepting Corporate/ Union Donations? Expand Aerotropolis? Future Fund for CP Stadium Accelerate Bicycle Master Plan
Caplan, Marvin caplan Hamilton REALTOR Ward 2ish Ward One Councilor (1994-2004) Real Estate College of Ontario Social justice; Fiscal responsibility; Sustainability Passion, Knowledge, Experience, Accessibility, Integrity, Community maybe x check
Casey, Paul casey In Transition Ward 2 Manager with Mountain Equipment Coop   Enrichment of our city; Action not reaction; Invest in the Heart of the City See Priorities check x check
Castle, John na   Special Situation Ward 2     Reducing city spending "What exactly is the LRP?" x maybe maybe x
Chiarelli, Diane Chiarelli Local Activist   President, Raising Our Children's Kids (ROCK)

Pursuing studies in Specialized Event Management Development; Community engagement "Hamilton Strong Again!" x maybe na check
Coleman, Shane coleman Local Businessman Stoney Creek   University of Waterloo: Honours Science Pan Am prep; (Green?) Development "A New Chapter" na na na check
Deans, Ian deans Former MP/MPP   NDP MP Hamilton Mtn (1980); MPP Wentworth (1967)   Employment & Environment "Put me to work, and let me help to bring Hamilton back to life" na na na na
Farr, Jason farr Radio/TV Host   Current Stadium Announcer for Ti-Cats Broadcasting, Niagara College; Urban Geography, McMaster Halting "Kingdom Building"; Quality of Life "…dedicated to the CORE" na na na na
Ferguson, Lloyd na   Non-Doppelganger           na na na x
Geleynse, Martinus geleynse Creative Professional Ward 2ish Director of Hamilton24 Calvin College, BAs in Music and Communications Arts & Sciences, 2007 Downtown revitalization; Tax & bylaw reform; Heritage property Overcome Poverty Rather Than Empower Poverty x x x check
Gentile, Matteo gentile Local Restaurateur Ward 5   Mohawk College Fiscal accountability; Better living; Development Leadership, Vision, Integrity, Accountable, Common Sense x x x check
Hess, Erik hess Landscape Architect Ward 2ish Board Member - Bay Area Restoration Council U. of Guelph: Agricultural Engineering, 1975; Ryerson U: Landscape Architecture, 1978 Jobs; Smart planning; Quality of life "Erik strives to fulfill your vision…" check na na check
Ielasi, Pat Ielasi   Thirteenth Name       Tax reform; safety; revitalization; transit Leadership, Honesty, Integrity x x x check
Janjic, Ned janjic Property Manager   Owner, Boulevard Billiards McMaster: Political Science, 1983 Accountability; Tax reform; Poverty "Small business IS Big business" check check na x
Jelly, Matt jelly Local Activist Ward 2 Founder, Garbage Crawl   Quality of life; Integrity; development; communication "Already working for Ward 2" x x x check
Jones, Hoojung jones Business Woman Ancaster Executive Director, Hamilton Folk Arts Heritage Council McMaster: Hon. Commerce , International Business, E- Commerce, 1999 Encourage investment; infrastructure; engagement; poverty "To build a better future we can believe in" check na na na
Lescaudron, Dawn dawn Environmental Activist Ward 2 Human Resources Professionals Association Hamilton Chapter Member   Jobs; Growth; Poverty "Count on Dawn!" x x x check
Novak, James novak Community Contributor Ward 2 Returning Officer, Hamilton Centre Communications at Mohawk College Poverty; Transparency; Jobs, Tax Reform, Property Standards "I am proud of my many years of dedicated service to our neighbourhoods in Ward 2." check check check check
Pipe, Charlie pipe Bluecollar Dad Ward 2   Dundas Valley School of Art Safety; beautification; tourism; jobs "Downtown is the place to be" x check x check
Wright, Kevin wright Volunteer Coordinator Ward 5 Canadian Forces Officer University of Toronto, Honours BA Political Science, 2001 Unemployment; Revitalization; Safer neighbourhoods; Poverty and homelessness "Together, we can make the RIGHT choices!" x na na na