Buzz Sucks

As our loyal listeners/readers may know, we’re big fans of another show here at 93.3 CFMU that caters to the independent rock lover: Music Between Friends.

And though we all might think dangerous thoughts from time to time, it just so happens that MBF took those unspoken words right out of Mike’s considerably large mouth with this excellent post entitled:

3 Female Buzzbands I Don’t “Get”

Click the link and check it out.

Super high-fives to Katie for telling it like it is, and daring to speak the unspeakable: that some “artists” are mere products of  buzz. Unfortunately for us, the industry thrives on products like Lana Del Rey, and Dum Dum Girls (pictured above), because they need them to actually make money.

Of course, mah-ney is of little concern to the true music lover and critic, so Katie rightly asks,

Why aren’t there more music CRITICS out there?

It’s like the entire music industry is asking bloggers to give them one big hand job.

Sadly, in an era where buzz-bands are a dime a dozen and advertising budgets are tight or non-existent, the industry turns to the fan and ‘critic’-driven hype-machine to do the promotion for them. And I guess we do it happily, as long as the music is decent and the “artist” has some talent and isn’t a shameless product.

But thankfully Katie put her critic specs on and did her job in expressing an opinion that goes beyond “[Artist X] is awesome! Check them out!”  Thanks for saying what some of us are thinking, but are too timid (mea culpa!) to point out. And I can’t stop laughing at the “Poor man’s Best Coast” comment!

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